My Services

My Services

I provide the best service for you.

I am dedicated to delivering unparalleled service, ensuring your needs are met with the highest standards of excellence and tailored solutions that exceed your expectations.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the engine of modern business, propelling brands into the digital age with innovative strategies that connect, engage, and convert audiences across the globe.

Google Knowledge Panel

The Google Knowledge Panel serves as a digital business card, showcasing key information and insights about brands, public figures, and landmarks directly in Google’s search results, enabling instant recognition and understanding.

Podcast Audio & Video Editing

Podcast audio and video editing is the art of sculpting engaging stories and discussions, ensuring every episode delivers a clear, immersive, and professionally polished experience to captivate listeners and viewers alike.

Apple Podcast Management

Apple Podcast Management is the strategic art of navigating the Apple Podcasts platform, optimizing and streamlining podcasts for maximum visibility and listener engagement in the bustling digital ecosystem.

My Skills

I am skilled and experienced.

With a diverse skill set in Digital Marketing, Google Knowledge Panel optimization, Podcast Audio & Video Editing, and Apple Podcast Management, I bring a unique blend of expertise that drives brand visibility, engagement, and growth in the digital sphere.


Humble Vibe TV

Former Social Media Manager


UK Bangla Education

Former Marketing Officer

2023- Present

JGA Recruitment Group

Podcast Audio & Video Editor

2023 – Present

Property Wealth Education

Media Assistant

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Hafizur Rahman Ayek

Harnessing a comprehensive skill set in Digital Marketing, mastery in Google Knowledge Panel optimization, adeptness in Podcast Audio & Video Editing, and proficiency in Apple Podcast Management, I offer a multifaceted approach to elevate your brand’s presence, engagement, and expansion online.

My Work

The projects I've been working on.

The projects I’ve embarked on are a testament to my commitment and versatility, showcasing a spectrum of successful outcomes across digital marketing, content creation, and multimedia management, each tailored to surpass specific client goals and expectations.

My Price

Special prices that I offer.

I offer competitive pricing tailored to provide exceptional value, designed to fit your budget while delivering premium services and results that exceed your expectations.

Google Knowledge Panel

Google Knowledge Panel


Per project

Podcast Growth

Podcast Growth


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Google Ads

Google Ads


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